[Sept 20, 2017] Rotary Peace Seminar “Peace Through Dialogue Across Differences”

ICU Rotary Peace Center is organizing a Rotary Peace Seminar inviting Prof. Hartmut BEHR, Newcastle University, UK. We look forward to many of your participation.

“Peace Through Dialogue Across Differences”

– Speaker:  Prof. Hartmut BEHR, Newcastle University, UK

– Date/Time:  September 20th, 2017.   15:10-16:30

– Place: International Conference Hall, the 2nd Floor at ICU Dialogue House

– Access: http://www.icu.ac.jp/en/about/campus/index.html   *#17 on this map

– Language: English


Whether we as individuals, citizens, political activists, politicians, or most importantly as conflict parties act in a peaceful way, or less so, depends on our relation to our fellow humans. Thus, peace always articulates (as) a relation to the other”. Yet, the question of the “other” that underpins the conceptualization of peace includes another question, namely that of difference. Consequently, issues around peace are to be thought of as questions of difference. Whether, or not, we act in a peaceful way is therefore a question of how we approach, think, and negotiate difference. The first argument developed in this chapter is that non-essentialist ways of thinking and acting upon difference(s) is more conducive to peaceful relations than essentialized versions of difference. The second, subsequent argument holds that in practical terms a non-essentialist way dealing with difference surmounts in the maxim of political dialogue, a dialogue that is empathetic for differences and steadily moves to, and provokes, the edges of its own rationality.



Hartmut Behr is professor of international politics at Newcastle University (UK). His research specializes in political theory, sociology of knowledge of IR, politics of difference, political violence, and critical European Studies. His publications include Zuwanderungspolitk im Nationalstaat (1998), Entterritorial Politik (2004), A History of International Political Theory: Ontologies of the International (2010) and Politics of Difference: Epistemologies of Peace (2014) as well as book chapters and articles on the themes mentioned that appeared amongst others in the Journal of International Political Theory, European Journal of International Relations, Review of International Studies, Geopolitics, International Political Economy, Zeitschrift fuer Internationale Beziehungen. He was Principal Investigator of the Leverhumle-funded International Research Network on “Critical Theory meets Classical Realism: Modernity, Crises, and Return of Humanity”. He is currently working, amongst others, on normative conditions of critique in political and social theory and its implications for political action and policy development.

Prof. Hartmut BEHR’s Profile:  http://www.ncl.ac.uk/gps/staff/profile/hartmutbehr.html#background

The lecture will be held as part of a graduate course “Peace and Conflict Studies Class I (QPFD414)” but is open to anybody.

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