[Jan 30]Rotary Peace Seminar: “Ethical Debates on War in the Twenty-First Century”

ICU Rotary Peace Center is organizing a Peace Seminar inviting Prof. Kimberley Hutchings, Queen Mary University of London, as follows.

We look forward to many of your participation.

Rotary Peace Seminar: “Ethical Debates on War in the Twenty-First Century”

– Speaker: Prof Kimberley Hutchings, Queen Mary University of London

– Date: Jan 30th, Tuesday

– Time: 14:20 – 15:30

–  Place:   Room #301, the 3rd floor of Education and Research Building II (ERB-II)    (http://www.icu.ac.jp/en/about/campus/index.html   *#6 on the map)


This paper examines the question of whether the ethical dilemmas raised by aspects of contemporary warfare (drone attacks, cyber warfare, private military contractors) require us to re-think traditional just war theory. It will look particularly at issues of legitimate authority, discrimination and proportionality, and at the question of whether individual soldiers should be treated differently depending on whether they are fighting for a just or an unjust cause.



Professor Kimberly Hutchings is Professor of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London and a leading authority in International Political Theory in the UK. Previously, she was Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics, where she was Professor of International Relations (from 2007), and also Head of Department (2010-2013). Her main publications include Kant, Critique and Politics (1996), International Political Theory (1998), Hegel and Feminist Philosophy (2003) and Time and World Politics (2008). She is Lead Editor of the Review of International Studies and was awarded the inaugural British International Studies prize for Distinguished Contribution to the Profession in 2015, and a Distinguished Scholar Award from the Theory Section of the International Studies Association in 2016.