AFE Prospectus – Class XVI

Here are AFE prospectus for nine Class XVI.

Natasha Venables

Having worked in a combination of small and large non-government organizations (NGOs) I have seen the benefit and need for organizations in development context, from advocacy to empowerment. Also having worked in the development and disaster management. I hoped my AFE could tie into my past experience and enable me to give back to an organization based around reconciliation, social cohesion and peacebuilding. Therefore, for my AFE, I am trying to secure an internship with one of the many organizations working towards these ideals in Zimbabwe. An AFE based in Zimbabwe will facilitate field data collection for my thesis, since I am using participatory methods, I will use this time during AFE to also be establishing and developing a relationship with the community at my case study site.

Saloni Lakhia

This is the most challenging part of the Rotary Peace Fellowship. I have heard many times, the world is your oyster, but this fellowship truly makes you believe that. The opportunity to spend a minimum of two months anywhere on this big blue planet of ours has propelled me to step out of my comfort zone, literally!

I am keen to focus my AFE on gender inclusion and representation in policy making and wish to broadly explore gender within sustainable development. I am presently in pursuit (chasing!) of multiple organizations within the developed and developing regions and hope to return in the next newsletter with an interesting review of my AFE.

Pierre Beyai

My research interest is Rwandan refugees living in Uganda. They number 17,176 and are mainly Hutus. The Rwandan refugees in Ugandan are subjected to abduction, disappearance and killing by Rwandan government agents inside Nakivale refugee camp in Uganda. Furthermore, Rwandan refugees are banned from cultivation since 2009 by the Ugandan government and their food rations are reduced by UNHCR in a bid to force them to return to Rwanda even though they fear persecution inside Rwanda. I wish to investigate the ban on food cultivation and reduction of food rations for Rwandan refugees and try to establish how this affect their human security needs.

I am therefore applying for possible internship with the UNHCR Field Unit in Nakivale, Uganda where I would have a chance to interview these refugees, UNHCR personnel and some Ugandan government officials to establish my hypothesis.

Dilton Ribeiro

My research interest focuses on the application of human rights in Japan. I’m especially addressing freedom of expression in pop culture such as manga and animation. For my AFE, I would like to take a deep look into the application of human rights in Japan through theoretical and practical perspectives. To that end, I applied to work with my

supervisor on his project to update a book chapter on the application of human rights in Japan. I will write a topic on ‘freedom of expression’ and possibly carry out some empirical work. Furthermore, I am working on establishing an academic group with other graduate students on comparative law studies between Brazil and Japan. For my AFE, I would like to organize an academic event to discuss some recent trends in comparative legal studies. Lastly, I applying for possible internships in human rights NGO’s in Tokyo.

Elisabeth Oliveira da Costa

My research is on Peacebuilding and Human Rights. I am looking at the diffusion of human rights related norms across the UN Peacebuilding Architecture. During my AFE, I will be travelling to New York to interview UN staff, diplomats, representatives of civil society organizations and think tanks. My plan is to do some interviews to corroborate the preliminary findings of my analysis of documents. I will also catch up with friends and colleagues and enjoy the city that never sleeps! This summer I will also continue my journey into personal development, also building on what I have learned during the training “Working In All Colors” in April!

Janaka Ranaraja

For my Applied Field Experience there will be two parts. First, I will be participating for Global Leadership Studies program organized by ICU as an Assisting Fellow. Target audience are Executives of the Japanese top level, cooperate sector. This will be a good opportunity for me to exchange experiences, cultural and other various aspects during the program. Second, I will be going to Cambodia to study the post-conflict community development proces, mainly in Battambang province. This will be organized by Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS), Siem Reap, Cambodia. My main focus is to collect input for my research. I am planning to participate in community development activities in order to get the feedback from both executive and affected personnel.

Javid Ahmadi

Towards modernization of the Joint Mission Analysis Center (JMAC), with major focus on the role of middle powers at the UN Security Council. In my AFE, I will collect data through interviews from senior UN personnel and scholars mainly from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Germany. I plan to find out the obstacles facing middle powers at the Security Council in taking leading role in strengthening UN intelligence capabilities.


Kalika Kastein 

As a Humanitarian Action Fellow to the Duke Global Policy (DGP) Program in Geneva, for my Applied Field Experience I will participate in an intensive, one-week course in Geneva before returning to intern in Japan. I hope to incorporate what I learn into my thesis topic which deals with the impact of placing teachers hired from a majority on tight-knit or culturally-rich educational communities.


Lorena Rodríguez Peña

With interest in International Relations, Human Security, and Identity, I plan to conduct my field experience in three parts. First, I aim to learn from the life experience of environmental and human right defenders of South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia) by visiting their communities, listening to their testimonies, and supporting some of the initiatives of their social organizations. Second, I will be attending the seminar “Re-thinking International Relations” organized by University San Francisco de Quito, and the International Conference “Power Reconfigurations: Regional and Global Responses in an Age of Uncertainty” presented by FLACSO–ISA (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Ecuador International Students Association). I plan to finish my AFE with training through a short internship in the Institute of Economics and Peace in New York. My goals during my AFE are to listen and learn from the life experiences of marginalized people in South America and academic thinkers about the importance of including culture and identity in the security framework in International Relations.


This is an article from the ICU RPC Newsletter, Volume 10, Issue 2.  Please check the Newsletter archives from here.