“Rethinking Peace” is available for pre-order

We are delighted to announce that the new book, “RethinkingPeace” which is edited by Prof. Alexander Laban Hinton, Prof. Giorgio Shani and Prof. Jeremiah Alberg, is now available for pre-order.

Please see below for the details: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781786610393/Rethinking-Peace-Discourse-Memory-Translation-and-Dialogue














[Sept 27] Open Q&A with Professor Herman Salton and Film Screening

The ICU Rotary Peace Center and the ICU Peace Research Institute are holding a joint event in honor of the International Day of Peace to welcome Professor Salton and to show a film about Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor, Suzuko Numata.

The event is titled the “RPC-PRI Joint Seminar: Discussion and Film Screening.”

During 4th period, Professor Salton will hold a Q&A about his interests in the field of International Relations and Peace Studies as well as talk about his book, Dangerous Diplomacy. From 5th period, a film about Suzuko Numata will be shown. All students and faculty are welcome regardless of department.

Date:  Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Time:  4th and 5th period; 13:50-16:20

Place: H-155, the 1st floor of University Hall  (http://www.icu.ac.jp/en/about/campus/index.html   *#1 on this map)

A Lesson on Cooking and Culture – Lorena Rodríguez, Class XVI

Food can have many meanings. First is as a biological need for survival. It can mean dialogue, because food is usually an excuse to gather people and exchange thoughts while enjoying eating. In some cultures, food also represents community. For example, in the remote regions of Colombia, people usually invite their families, friends, and even strangers to share their meals. This sharing of food has great significance in their society, because every time you share food with others it is seen as strengthening the bonds of brotherhood. Continue reading “A Lesson on Cooking and Culture – Lorena Rodríguez, Class XVI”

Interview with Associate Director, Prof. Kanazawa – Kalika Kastein, Class XVI

As fellows, and perhaps just generally in daily life, we rarely get to know others on a personal level. The opportunity to ask questions about our mentors’ identity is a rare and wonderful opportunity. Kanazawa-sensei, serves as the Associate Director for the Rotary Peace Center and candidly shared with us his wisdom and aspirations. Continue reading “Interview with Associate Director, Prof. Kanazawa – Kalika Kastein, Class XVI”