Campus Life

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Please check Rotary Peace Center Calendar for schedule for two years at a glance.


Space in ICU’s “Oak House” will be available for some of the Rotary Peace Fellows to allow them to live in this newly built on-campus student dormitory. As space in Oak House is limited, ICU will provide assistance for fellows to find off-campus accommodations as necessary.

RPC’s Japanese Language Training

Before admitted to ICU in September, Rotary Peace Center organizes a 1-month Japanese Language Training at ICU in August and Fellows are strongly recommended to participate.

Hiroshima Field Trip

With the support of Japanese Rotarians, Rotary Peace Fellows have a chance to visit Hiroshima to learn the city’s experience during the Second World War and yearning for peace.


Extracurricular Program(1) Workshop

The Rotary Peace Center arranges workshops and trainings for Rotary Peace Fellows to acquire practical skills.



  • Basics of International Humanitarian Preparedness and Response by InterWorks, LLC
  • 40-hour Basic Mediation Training with an emphasis on building cross-cultural competency through a partnership with the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center (APADRC)


  • The Project Management Certificate Program by IIL Japan
  • “Theatre of the Oppressed” Workshop by Claire Doran, Class XII Peace Fellow


  • Contrast Culture Method of Deep Culture Training by Prof. Donna Fujimoto
  • Facilitation and Mediation Workshop by Dr. Joyce Neu, founder of Facilitating Peace


  • Nonviolent communication by Catherine Cadden & Jesse Wiens
  • Team Building by Prof. Donna Fujimoto
  • Leadership Training by ForStrategy Consulting, Inc.
  • Contrast Culture Method of Deep Culture Training by Prof. Donna Fujimoto

Extracurricular Program (2) Peace Forum

The Rotary Peace Forum is designed to provide opportunities for the Rotary Peace Fellows to pursue further study and to deepen their understanding of peace and conflict resolution issues in various ways including inviting a guest lecturer from a peace related field. This opportunity also enables fellows to experience first hand ‘ how to organize’ events of this nature by taking the initiative and responsibility for a given event.


  • Episodic play “Vagina Monologues” performed by voluntary performers from ICU community including Peace Fellows
  • “Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Resolution” by Robert Krzisnik, NVC Certified Trainer, Humus
  • Screening of the documentary film “Hafu” directed by former Peace Fellow Megumi Nishikura
  • “Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Proliferation Risk” by Mr. Masafumi Takubo, Nuclear Policy Analyst, Nuclear Information
  • “Japan’s Anti-Nuclear Diplomacy and the US Nuclear Umbrella” by Mr. Masakatsu Ota, Senior Writer/Editorial Writer, Kyodo News
  • Black History Month 1) “History of Black People in the Caribbean Islands” by Judith Exavier, Acting Ambassador of Haiti to Japan
  • Black History Month 2) “History of Black People in South Africa” by Mohau Pheko, Ambassador of South Africa to Japan


  • ICU SSRI Symposium 1) “Political Violence and Transitional Justice” by Prof. Alex Hinton, Rutgers University / Prof. Kazuo Ohgushi, University of Tokyo
  • ICU SSRI Symposium 2) “Political Violence, Human Security and the Civilizing Process” by Prof. Andrew Linklater, University of Aberystwyth
  • Episodic play “Vagina Monologues” performed by voluntary performers from ICU community including Peace Fellows


  • “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission” by Prof. Deborah Posel, Director, Institute for Humanities in Africa, University of Cape Town
  • “Sustainability – Essential for Advancing the Culture of Peace” by Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations
  • “Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping: Has the Time Come?” by Dr. Ann Frisch, Senior Advisor, Nonviolent Peaceforce
  • “The Kisha Club System of Japan and Freedom of Press” by Dr. David MacNeill, Journalist
  • “Japan and the Nuclear Weapons Convention” by Mr. Steven Leeper, Chairperson, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation