[January 26, 2014] Theatre of the Oppressed

“Theatre of the Oppressed” Workshop organized by Rotary Peace Fellows

January 26 (Sun) 1:00-6:00PM

A unique and innovative workshop for community based education using theatrical form took place at ICU coordinated by Rotary Peace Fellows.

Theater of the Oppressed (TO) is a model of community-based theater developed by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Augusto Boal. First started in Brazil, Boal’s native country, it has been practiced around the world for over 40 years.
The goal of Theater of the Oppressed is for participants to dramatically analyze real-life oppressions/obstacles/challenges they face and act out potential solutions to overcome them. The theater process thus empowers participants to go out into the world and take action against the oppression, using the very solutions they tried out during scene work. TO is, according to Boal, “rehearsal for the revolution.”
The goals for this workshop are to introduce participants to the TO process by fully immersing them in the exercises and techniques, and to create a safe space for participants to explore social issues relevant to the group’s interests and concerns.

Lissette Lorenz is a theater practitioner and an English teacher at J.F. Oberlin University in Machida, Tokyo Prefecture. Before coming to Japan she spent three years teaching Theater of the Oppressed to youth at Save Our Children in Elyria, OH. She has been practicing Theater of the Oppressed methods since 2008.

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