[June 9] Screening the Documentary Film “Hafu”

Screening the Documentary Film “Hafu” directed by former Rotary Peace Fellow Megumi Nishikura

June 9, 2014

ICU Rotary Peace Center and Professor Joo-young Jung, who teaches the course “Intercultural Communication,” hosted the screening of the documentary film “Hafu” directed by ICU graduate and former ICU Rotary Peace Fellow Megumi Nishikura.

About “Hafu”: 
Directors: Megumi Nishikura (ICU Rotary Peace Fellow Class V), Lala Perez Takagi
“Hafu” – Japanese term for people who are half Japanese
“The film explores race, diversity, multiculturalism, nationality, and identity within the mixed-race community of Japan. And through this exploration, it seeks to answer the following questions: What does it mean to be hafu?; What does it mean to be Japanese?; and ultimately, What does all of this mean for Japan?” (from the official website http://hafufilm.com/en/)