[March 4-7] Hiroshima Field Trip

ICU Rotary Peace Center’s Hiroshima Field Trip

March 4-7, 2015

ICU Rotary Peace Center conducted Hiroshima Field Trip for Class XIII Fellows.  Fellows visited many Peace-related sites such as Peace Memorial Museum & Park, National Peace memorial Hall for the A-Bomb Surviver, Radiation Effects Research Foundation, and World Peace Memorial Cathedral.  Fellows had a chance to listen to testimonies of two survivors, Ms. Keiko Ogura and Ms. Setsuko Hattori, and learnt a lot from the discussion with Mr. Yasuyoshi Komizo, Chairperson of Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, and also with Dr. Shamsul Hadi Shams, Training Officer of UNITAR Hiroshima Office.  This year there was another fruitful opportunity to listen to the lectures given by Professor Narayanan Ganesan of Hiroshima Peace Institute and Professor Ran Zwigenberg who is a professor of Pennsylvania State University and also a visiting researcher of Hiroshima Peace Research Institute.  Rotarians in Hiroshima gave them a warm and friendly welcome.  ICU Rotary Peace Center and Peace Fellows would like to thank all Rotarians for making this trip possible.

2015 Hiroshima Trip Schedule

Day 1 (March 4):

  • Visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Park

Day 2 (March 5):

  • Visit to UNITAR Hiroshima Office
  • A-Bomb Survivor Testimony / A-bomb Memoirs Reading Session
  • Visit to National Peace Memorial Hall for Atomic Bomb Survivors
  • Lectures / Exchange with researchers of Hiroshima Peace Institute

Day 3 (March 6):

  • Exchange with Mr. Yasuyoshi Komizo, Chairperson of Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
  • Visit to Radiation Effects Research Foundation
  • Welcome meeting arranged by Rotarians in Hiroshima

Day 4 (April 8):

  • Excursion to Miyajima, the World Heritage Site

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