Faculty – Dr. Masaki Ina

Former Center Director: Dr. Masaki InaDAS.INA Masaki・稲正樹050403

Research Area:

Constitutional Law, Asian Comparative Constitutional Law, Peace Research

Research Subjects:

Institutionalization of Human Rights Mechanism in Northeast Asia

Right to Live in Peace

Voting Right of Resident Foreigners

Reappraisal of the Right to Live

Bicameralism in Asian Countries

Reconciliation and Peace in Northeast Asia

Teaching Courses:

QPFD418 Public Law I


Tadakazu Fukase, Katsumi Ueda, Masaki Ina and Asaho Mizushima (eds.), The Defense and Rebirth of the Japan’s Peace Constitution, Sapporo: Hokkaido University Press, 2008.

Masaki Ina, Nobuo Kochu and Noriko Kokubun (eds.), An Introduction to Asian Constitutional Law, Tokyo: Nihonhyoronsha, 2010.

Shin Chiba (supervised), Masaki Ina, Kazuya Fukuoka and Mayu Terada (translated), History and Memory in Northeast Asia, Tokyo: Keisoshobo, 2014.

Japanese Translation of Mikyoung and Barry Schwartz (eds.), Northeast Asia’s Difficult Past: Essays in Collective Memory, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.


Dr. Ina graduated from Hokkaido University with a Doctor of Law degree, and is currently a professor of Constitutional Law at ICU.  He became the director of Rotary Center at ICU in April, 2007.  He brings decades of teaching expertise, mainly on Constitutional Law, after lecturing at several toptier universities around Japan, namely Hokkaido University, Iwate University, Asia University, and Omiya Law School.  Dr. Ina has authored two books: “A Study of Indian Constitution: Introduction to Comparative Study of Asian Constitutions” and “Human Rights and Peace in Asia”.  In addition, Dr. Ina has contributed to a number of professional publications and books on the topics of human rights and constitution development, amont others.  Dr. Ina has been the recipient of several research awards and fellowships, both from the Japanese Government and from private universities.  His current topics of research include analyzing national human rights institutions in the Asia-Pacific area, voting rights of permanent resident foreigners in local elections, local people’s referendum, and the right to live in peace and human security. 

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