Welcome to ICU Rotary Peace Center Website!

International Christian University (ICU) was founded in 1949 as a unique experiment in international and Christian education during the unsettled period after the end of the Second World War. For more than 50 years, the University has prospered as a beacon of openness, constructive change, and enthusiastic multiculturalism. Today, ICU is a recognized leader in international education and is known in Japan for its emphasis on academic excellence.

As such, starting in September, 2002, ICU was designated as one of seven Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution throughout the world. Each year ICU accommodates up to ten Rotary Peace Fellows who pursue a two-year master’s level degree in peace studies and conflict resolution.

The Rotary Centers provide opportunities for fellows to study the theory and practice of fields related to Peace and Conflict studies, with an emphasis on conflict resolution, transformation and peacebuilding, in order to help cultivate the next generation of global leaders.

Center staff:

Director: Prof. Giorgio Shani
Associate Director: Prof. Yuichiro Kanazawa
Coordinator : Miyoko Misumi

Mission Statement of ICU Rotary Peace Center

The International Christian University (ICU) Rotary Peace Center seeks to develop fellows from different parts of the world skilled in addressing issues of conflict and development and actively engaged in enhancing international peace and cooperation.

In pursuing this mission, the ICU Rotary Peace Center builds on the rich traditions of peace-building in Asia and the International Christian University’s commitment to educating “responsible global citizens”.

The ICU Rotary Peace Center commits itself to this mission in line with Rotary International’s long established tradition of peace and conflict resolution and peace-building through its well-known global projects addressing concrete problems of human suffering and deprivation.

In furthering this mission, the ICU Rotary Peace Center shall actively coordinate its activities with various Rotary Peace Centers, related academic, research and civil society organizations, local communities, and the various Rotary chapters in Japan.